Learn How To Use Mobile Marketing To Engage A Rapidly Growing Mobile Audience …

The amount of time we spend on mobile devices is growing year on year, so ensuring your business website is optimised for mobile devices is essential. However, just being ‘mobile optimised’ is not enough these days, you also need to understand what a ‘mobile’ audience responds to best and how to engage them effectively.

Why Should You Learn About Mobile Marketing?

In this online course you will discover how ‘Mobile Marketing’ is arguably the easiest way you can get close to your audience. By utilising mobile you are maximising the benefits of proximity, most people have their mobile within arms reach at all times of the day. Mobile users are online each and everyday, so this gives you an incredible opportunity to reach and interact with your ideal clients quickly. In this online course you will learn all you need to know about getting

Course Programme

  • The current mobile device landscape
  • The basics – get your website mobile
  • Apps- Building, Running, Exploiting
  • Mobile Marketing Case Studies
  • Mobile Innovations – Texts, Bluetooth, NFR, GPS, Loyalty, Offline, Cameras, AR iBeacons
  • Google and Mobile Advertising
  • Building a mobile marketing business
  • Rapid App Build

Your Speakers and Mobile Marketing Expert Trainer

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers.

If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events. Simon has generated over £12M from internet businesses in the UK

Simon has has 14 years experience in the telecommunications industry working for BT and has been able to apply that knowledge along with his 12 years in Internet Marketing to create a number of successful online businesses.

Your Speakers and Mobile Marketing Expert Trainer

Jake Liddell is an expert in software development.

Jake built his first website in 1991, and has been delivering software to large and small businesses for over 20 years. He was co-founder and CTO of The App Garden, a company delivering enterprise mobile apps in the enterprise health market. He is now owner of AppFort, a company helping SMEs get the most from mobile websites and apps.

Buyers Behaviours Are Changing, Do you Know How To React?

The “Anytime-Anywhere” Computing is changing buyer behaviour, so you need to know how to react to this changing trend and ensure your business stays on top when buyers are searching on mobile devices for products and services just like yours.


Mobile Marketing Course


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